Friday, 12 April 2013

Why ....

I entered into the wonderful crafty world around the time my first son was 18 months old ( it's hard to believe he is now 16yrs old!!), I began with card making and my favorite thing was decoupage, I then started to really play with my creativity and soon got in to making ATC's.
My collection of ATC's got to just over a thousand and I realised that space was an issue so I moved on to new crafty pursuits, so scrapbooking began and I have a collection of scrapbooks with some beautiful layouts of my amazing family.
After a few happy crafting years I decided that what I really wanted to do with my life was to incorporate my crafting with my work and one day I would own a craft shop!
The years continued to pass but my dream of a craft shop was always there.
Then in May 2011 my Dad died aged 61 of a stroke!
He and my Mum had such plans for when he retired from being a postman in his village, They were going to move to Dorset and retire to a leisurely and idyllic part of England. After working hard their whole life they deserved it.
His sudden death made me realise that life is short and we need to catch our dreams and bring them to life before its to late...
And so was born in August 2011 and I tribute my online shop to my Dad and to never letting your dreams get away! (I still want a bricks and mortal shop but online is the start).
My Dad was the most inspirational and amazing man in life as well as death.

My Dad 1949 - 2011

Thank you for reading.
Emma x x

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